School Distinguished Service Award

School Distinguished Service Award

Tom Campi 2019 Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Tom Campi (right) receives his award from Dean Michael Lairmore.

Tom Campi - 2019 Distinguished Service Award

It is our privilege and pleasure to award Tom Campi the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s 2019 Distinguished Service Award in recognition for his outstanding and long-standing contributions of time, service, leadership and financial support to further the mission of the school, and the Knights Landing Program.

Tom has a heart for helping our students serve and work in underrepresented areas of veterinary medicine and care. As a result, Tom helped establish the Knights Landing Program Support Fund to provide current-use general program support for the Knights Landing One Health Project which is a collaborative effort between School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Medicine Students in Knights Landing, California.

Tom underwrites the cost of running the program once a month providing much needed free veterinarian care to the residents of this small community. The genius of the clinic: Pet owners don't have to lose a day of work to get to the nearest veterinarian services 15 to 20 miles away. The vet med students get experience doing what they love to do. And the animals are healthier for it.

The goal of the project is to improve animal health in the community, because this impacts human health and well-being. Not only is the possibility of zoonotic disease transmission reduced, but healthy animals are not economic and emotional burdens, and could even improve the livelihood of their owners.

In addition to his work with the Knights Landing Program, Tom serves on our Dean’s Leadership Council and has also been involved in Innovative Access working on collaborations within the UC Davis family to help find opportunities and partnerships. This is yet another way in which Tom has become a campus citizen and working on collaborations benefiting the UC Davis family.

Currently, Tom resides in Indiana with his wife Jeanine, his three children and a dog, a cat and a ferret (and yes, they are legal pets in Indiana!). Please join me in congratulating Tom Campi as the recipients of the 2019 Distinguished Service Award, in recognition of his major contributions to the success of the school’s Knights Landing Program.



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