Zoetis Distinguished Teacher Award

Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award

The Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award is given to educators in recognition of their character and leadership qualities as well as their outstanding teaching abilities. Winners of the Distinguished Teacher Award are then evaluated annually to select the National Award winner.

Dr. Verena Affolter

Dr. Verena Affolter was recognized with the 2021 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award for excellence in teaching pathology and dermatopathology in professional and graduate clinical programs.

A professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, Affolter received her DVM (1982) from University of Bern and PhD (1999) from UC Davis. She is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Pathology (ECVP), began teaching at the SVM in 1997, and joined the faculty in 2005.

Affolter is a co-block leader for Skin Block (VET 411) and Comparative Medicine Stream (VET 432A/B/C) and teaches in several other blocks in the DVM curriculum. Students remark that she provides detailed notes with each slide and how helpful that is. There is a theme throughout the comments, from students who claim a lack of interest in histology, that when Affolter is teaching, they find it both interesting and fun.

Affolter has a major role in the clinical instruction of fourth year veterinary students in pathology. The comments from students are overwhelmingly positive and reflect superlative dedication and passion. One student commented, “I really loved having Dr. Affolter on as she made pathology seem less intimidating. I felt encouraged to voice ideas and opinions and never felt discouraged even when I was wrong.”

In addition to creating a safe and encouraging learning climate, there are two adjectives used to describe Affolter that appear with very high frequency: enthusiastic and engaged.

Affolter has held weekly dermatopathology rounds since 1997 and has served as faculty lead for the weekly biopsy conference since 2004. When reviewing comments provided by graduate clinical trainees, the profoundly positive nature of feedback is impressive. Residents describe Affolter as “fair, understanding and caring” and comment that she “never makes me feel stupid and encourages me to really investigate.”

Our integrative block curriculum at Davis requires that some instructors step up to lead large teams of faculty to organize, integrate, deliver and assess course content. Affolter provides leadership in multiple courses and her faculty colleagues comment on the outstanding quality, quantity and effectiveness of her clinical and didactic instruction. Adjectives used to describe her course leadership are proactive, collaborative and exemplary.

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