Positively Impacting Employees (PIE) Award

Started in 2004 by enthusiastic veterinary hospital staff, the Positively Impacting Employees (PIE) Award was established as a straightforward means to recognize, acknowledge, and reward hospital employees for their notable contributions to the work environment. It was founded on the principal that quality customer service begins with positive morale, and that positive morale is built by simply recognizing both individual and group effort(s) to improve the learning environment, individual work product, or any other area of endeavor that supports the hospital’s mission.

“It is the belief of the founding PIE committee members and hospital administration that hospital employees are hard-working, industrious, and resourceful. Often their efforts may seem to go unnoticed simply due to the tremendous focus and concentration applied to our high quality patient care. PIE Awards are a way to consistently and continually recognize our staff for the tremendous work they do on a daily basis.”

PIE Awards are given monthly to outstanding hospital employees, as recognized by their peers. The committee urges employees to nominate their fellow staff members to ensure proper recognition of their outstanding efforts.

Nomination form link (access by VMTH staff only)