2017 House Officer Awards

2017 House Officer Awards

Every spring since 1979, the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital hosts the Gerald V. Ling House Officer Seminar Day. This day-long event features short presentations of research findings from each house officer (resident, fellow and intern) to fellow house officers, faculty, staff, students and guests.
Having the ability to do research is a major advantage of doing a residency at the VMTH. As the hospital with the largest and most diverse residency program in the country, the VMTH is able to offer research opportunities not available elsewhere. The VMTH trains upwards of 125 house officers in 34 specialty services every year, and nearly 50 of them present research studies at House Officer Seminar Day, covering a huge breadth of topics throughout veterinary medicine.

Photo: Dr. Kate FerrellDr. Kate Ferrell

Gerald V. Ling Award for Outstanding Small Animal Research Study and Presentation

"Evaluation of Pulse Oximetry as a Surrogate for Pao2 in Awake Dogs Breathing Room Air and Anesthetized Dogs on Mechanical Ventilation"



Photo: Dr. Lisa GamsjaegerDr. Lisa Gamsjaeger

Outstanding Large Animal Research Study and Presentation

“Sodium Iodide as a Preventative Strategy for Respiratory Disease in Preweaned Dairy Calves”



Photo: Dr. Mary ThurberDr. Mary Thurber

Outstanding Avian, Exotics, Lab Animal or Poultry Research Study and Presentation

“Detection of Avian Boravirus in Captive Thick-billed Parrots (Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha) by RT-PCR and ELISA”



Photo: Dr. Fauna SmithDr. Fauna Smith

Chris Smith Award for Outstanding Equine Research Study and Presentation

“Eosinophilic Peritonitis in 8 Horses (1995-2015)”



Photo: Dr. Catherine BelangerDr. Catherine Belanger

Outstanding Small Animal Research Study and Presentation #1

“High-Pressure Balloon Valvuloplasty for Severe Pulmonic Stenosis: A Prospective Observational Study in 25 Dogs”



Photo: Dr. Chai-Fei LiDr. Chai-Fei Li

Outstanding Small Animal Research Study and Presentation #2

“Exosome-Associated Integrins as Liquid Biopsy Biomarkers for Canine Glioma”