2015 House Officer Awards

2015 House Officer Awards

Photo: Dr. Gabriele MaierDr. Gabriele Maier

Outstanding Large Animal Research Study and Presentation

"The Effect of Progesterone Intra-Vaginal Devices (CIDRS),PG-600 and Ram Effect on Hastening the Onset of Cylicity and Fecundity of Transitional Taghee Ewes"

Dr. Gabriele Maier







Photo: Dr. Andrew HaertelDr. Andrew Haertel

Outstanding Avian, Exotics, Lab Animal or Poultry Research Study and Presentation

"Evaluation Of Serum Cardiac Biomarkers in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)"









Photo: Dr. Camilla ScottDr. Camilla Scott

Chris Smith Award for Outstanding Equine Research Study and Presentation

“Endometrial Tissue Concentrations of Ceftifur Following Intrauterine Infusion in Both Healthy Mares and Mares with Experimentally Induced Endometritits”








Photo: Dr. Jessie SuttonDr. Jessie Sutton

Outstanding Small Animal Research Study and Presentation

“Kinetic and Kinematic Gait Analysis in Normal and Myelopathic Dachshunds”









Photo: Dr. Mikaela MuellerDr. Mikaela Mueller

Outstanding Small Animal Research Study and Presentation

“Use of Alivecor Heart Monitor for Rateand Rhythm Evaluation in Cats”

Dr. Mikaela Mueller