2021 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

2021 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

Each year the School of Veterinary Medicine honors members of its alumni with the Alumni Achievement Award. This award is the highest honor bestowed by the school. Honorees may be graduates of the school's DVM, MPVM, and graduate academic (MS, PhD) programs, or individuals who have completed internship or residency programs. A Rising Star Alumni Award -  added this year - honors a DVM graduate of the school who, within 15 years of graduation, has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement.

The 2021 recipients:

Dale Moore, MS, DVM, MPVM, Ph.D

Dr. Moore receives this award for her outstanding contributions in preventive medicine and creating lifelong learning opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary students. Throughout her career, Dr. Moore has developed unique programs of extension that blend research, outreach, and continuing education. She has focused on preventive medicine for livestock populations resulting in practical approaches for dairy cow and calf health and well-being as well as testing new methods to identify audience learning needs and educational programs resulting in a better understanding of agricultural animal health audiences.

G. Diane Shelton, DVM, PhD.

Dr. Shelton is recognized for her extraordinary contributions to One Health through investigations of neuromuscular disorders of animals and identification of spontaneous models for human diseases. At UC San Diego, Dr. Shelton established and directs the Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory, an international reference center for spontaneously occurring neuromuscular diseases.  A leader in her field, her reference center provides state of the art diagnostic and collaborative research opportunities that are used by the majority of North American veterinarians and around the world.

Lisa Tell, DVM.

Dr. Tell is honored for her distinctive leadership and professional contributions to ensure safety of the US food supply, hummingbird health and conservation, and of faculty welfare.  As an ambassador of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Tell has a passion for improving the health and welfare of animals and humans through her remarkable achievements in hummingbird research and conservation, safe use of drugs in food producing animals, and service to the University via work life and career advancement committees.