Rachel Smith Award

Rachel Smith Award

Rachel Smith was the lead staff member in the VMTH Clinical Pathology Laboratory for many years.  She worked side-by-side with Dr. Oscar Schalm to develop the field of veterinary hematology.  In 1985, on the occasion of Rachel Smith's retirement, it was decided to establish an annual award in her name.

Drs. Bret McNabb and Jane Sykes present Stacy Zindel (center) with her award.
Drs. Bret McNabb and Jane Sykes present Stacy Zindel (center) with her award.

2017 Rachel Smith Award Recipient

Congratulations to Stacy Zindel, Companion Exotic Animal Medicine & Surgery Service, this year’s recipient of the Rachel Smith Award, the most prestigious staff award presented by the veterinary hospital in honor of long-time staff member Rachel Smith. Zindel, a 20-year employee of the veterinary hospital, is recognized for her “can do” attitude, professional demeanor, and having the “patience of a saint” while instructing students. She is described as having a heart of gold, earning the gratitude of her colleagues for her caring and nurturing ways. Zindel is extremely dedicated to her job, her CAPE teammates and her patients.

“Her interpersonal skills and superior technical skills have been invaluable for teaching future generations of veterinary veterinarians and support staff.”






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